VSI - Dependent Student Income Verification

For 2018/2019
Did you file a 2016 tax return?

You have two options. Click on the option you wish to do:

Option 1

Submit a 2016 IRS tax return transcript. To order the transcript, go to www.IRS.gov. Then submit the transcript to MSU Financial Aid.

Visit www.IRS.gov


Option 2

Resubmit your FAFSA using the IRS Data Retrieval Tool to transfer your tax information. To resubmit, go to: www.FAFSA.gov.

Visit www.FAFSA.gov

You MUST submit the Dependent Student Nontax Filer Form. Click the link below, fill out the form and submit it to MSU Financial Aid.

VSI Dependent Student Nontax Filer