Non-Degree Students

In general, students who are not admitted into a degree program are not eligible for student financial aid funds. However, there are some exceptions:

A) Students enrolled in an eligible Teacher Certification Program (received a bachelors degree previously and now taking classes in order to be certified to teach in an elementary or secondary school) may be eligible to receive funds from the Federal Stafford Student Loan Program only;

B) Students enrolled in a certificate program as non-degree seeking are not eligible for federal financial aid (excluding the Teacher Mississippi Institute TMI Program)

C) Students who have applied for Admission to MSU and do not meet the admissions requirements but are admitted in a Special Non-Degree status may be eligible to receive federal student aid funds. However, eligibility is limited to the Federal Stafford Loan Program and students can borrow only at the entering Freshman level. This potential eligibility is only allowed for a 12 consecutive month period starting at the beginning of the first term of enrollment in this Special Non Degree status. A completed Special Non-Degree Certification Form must be submitted to the Department of Student Financial Aid at MSU each semester before eligibility can be certified. Students must be enrolled in a minimum of 6 credit hours of coursework that is required in order to be admitted into the degree program each semester. Students can not receive any federal student aid funds after the 12 consecutive month period has ended unless admitted into a degree program.

Students who are not admitted into a degree program can not receive financial aid for correspondence courses.

Transient students and students not seeking a degree from MSU are not eligible for financial aid.

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