How to check the status of my SAP Appeal

Students can check the status of their SAP Appeal by logging into their myState account ( Under Financial Aid menu select Eligibility Requirements.

Students may appeal to request to have their financial aid reinstated if extenuating circumstances prevented them from making satisfactory academic progress. Students a limited to three appeals while attending MSU.
Examples of extenuating circumstances may include:

  1. Medical problems (physical or mental)
  2. Serious illness
  3. Accident or injury
  4. Death of family member
  5. Exceeding Maximum Time Frame to complete degree
  6. Other extenuating circumstances

Students will be notified via their official MSU email address regarding the status of their SAP Appeal Form. The decision of the SAP appeal committee is final.

Received – SAP Appeal Form has been submitted and will be reviewed by the SAP Appeals Committee. Student should check their email for appeal decision.

Incomplete - SAP Appeal Form has been submitted, however is incomplete. Student will need to resubmit a completed appeal by the established deadline. Incomplete appeals will not be reviewed by the appeals committee.

Approved - SAP Appeal has been approved by the appeals committee. Student will be placed on Financial Aid Probation and is eligible to receive financial aid for the appeal semester only (if otherwise eligible).

Denied - SAP Appeal has been denied by the appeals committee. Therefore, student will remain on Financial Aid Suspension and is not eligible to receive federal financial aid. Student may wish to apply for a (non-federal) Private Alternative Loan (