How to check SAP status

Students can check their SAP status by logging into their myState account ( Under Financial Aid menu select Satisfactory Academic Progress.

Good Standing

  • Status assigned to students who are meeting the SAP policy standards
  • Eligible to receive aid, if otherwise eligible


  • Status assigned to students who were on Financial Aid Suspension, but successfully appealed to have their aid reinstated
  • Eligible for aid for one semester only, if otherwise eligible

Probation Extended

  • Status assigned to students who successfully appealed and is meeting all conditions of academic plan.
  • May be eligible for an additional semester of aid, if otherwise eligible, after the probation semester.


  • Status assigned to students who are failing to meet the following criteria’s:
  • Failed to meet minimum GPA requirements (MSU cumulative GPA)
  • Unable to complete degree program within the Maximum time frame/hours (150% of program length, including transfer hours)
  • Failed to pass at least 67% courses attempted, including transfer hours
  • Exceeded the maximum number of hours a student is allowed to withdraw from courses (30 hours undergrad/ 15 hours grads)
  • Not eligible for federal aid however can apply for Private Alternative Loan (non-federal)

SAP Policy and Appeal information: