Summer School 2020

For the purpose of awarding student financial assistance, summer school is considered to be the end of the school year. Therefore, the eligibility of each student aid applicant for student aid funds for summer school is based first upon each student’s remaining annual limits for grants and loans. Students who receive their maximum grant and/or loan eligibility for the Fall and Spring semesters may not have any remaining eligibility for aid funds for summer school. Students wishing to receive student aid funds for summer school should register for summer classes and ensure your 2019-20 FAFSA is complete and the results are sent to our Financial Aid office.

In addition, eligibility for all Summer Financial Aid loans requires that a student be enrolled in at least half-time (six credit hours for undergraduates and five credit hours for graduates) during the summer. Pell Grant eligibility for summer depends on many factors and will be determined based on the individual student’s summer enrollment hours and the amount of Pell Grant the student has already received for the current aid year. Dropped courses and withdrawals may result in a reduction or cancellation of awards or a repayment of funds already disbursed. Aid recipients may wish to talk to a financial aid counselor prior to altering summer schedules. Students will be awarded based on their enrolled hours at the time of review.

Please keep in mind that if you change your enrolled hours after we make the award, your aid will not disburse until after the last day to add a class for each of the summer sessions.