State Aid Programs for 2018-2019

Application Deadlines:

HELP Grant – March 1

MTAG/MESG – Sept 15


Multiple State Grants Eliminated:

Eligible undergraduate students will receive state grants through only one state grant program. Students eligible for aid through multiple programs will be awarded the program that awards the largest amount. Therefore, students eligible for both the Mississippi Eminent Scholars Grant (MESG) and the Mississippi Resident Tuition Assistance Grant (MTAG) will receive MESG only. Similarly, students eligible for the Higher Education Legislative Plan for Needy Students Grant (HELP) and MTAG will receive HELP only. The state grants that will no longer allow multiple awards include: MTAG, MESG, HELP, and LAW.


GPA Requirements:

Academic eligibility will be reviewed at the end of EACH semester, for ALL state aid programs. Students now must establish and maintain the required GPA each semester to continue to receive state aid.


Full-time Enrollment for State Aid Funds:

Students are required to enroll in and earn at least 15 credit hours to maintain eligibility for state funds (this does NOT apply towards federal aid {grants/loans} or MSU scholarships). Funds that require at least 15 enrollment hours include: HELP, MTAG, MESG, LAW, TES, WWTS/WWAR. Students who complete 15 credit hours but do not earn 15 credit hours (because of failing grade, dropped class, audited course, withdrawal hours) will lose eligibility for the next semester.



Students with 6-14 credit hours remaining to complete a degree may appeal for an exception for a single term. No appeal will be accepted and no aid will be disbursed for any semester carrying less than 6 credit hours. Please click here for information on how to appeal the 15 credit hours. 


Cost of Attendance:

For students receiving state aid funds, the total award package cannot exceed the cost of attendance. If this occurs, the state aid fund may have to be reduced or cancelled.


If you have any questions, please call the Mississippi Office of Student Financial Aid at: 601-432-6997 or 800-327-2980 (toll-free).

You can also contact our office with questions at: