Maroon Money Mentors

Maroon Money Mentors
What is a Maroon Money Mentor?
A Maroon Money Mentor is a Mississippi State student who helps educate their fellow students on financial skills related to budgeting basics, managing student loan debt, saving money, and other financial topics. Maroon Money Mentors accomplish this by sharing financial education and resources through peer-to-peer coaching and campus presentations.
Maroon Money Mentors will go through a training process in the fall 2020 semester, and will be required to work 8 hours a week during the spring 2021 semester. These 8 hours will be through peer-to-peer coaching sessions and campus presentations.
Students who are selected to become mentors after completing the application process will receive a $500 scholarship for completing their training in the fall of 2020, and will receive a $1,000 scholarship for accomplishing their duties as a mentor in the spring of 2021.
How to become a Maroon Money Mentor
To become a Mentor, a student must complete the application at the link below before October 5th and participate in an interview that will occur in mid-October.
If you have any questions about becoming a Maroon Money Mentor, please contact Dr. John Daniels at