Photo of Anne Betts

Anne Betts

Training and Compliance Coordinator
Dr. John Daniels portrait

Dr. John Daniels

Financial Literacy Coordinator
Photo of Cynthia Harfst

Cynthia Harfst

Senior Financial Aid Counselor
Photo of Mike Johnson

Mike Johnson

Financial Aid Athletics Coordinator
Photo of Kim Reves

Kim Reves

Senior Financial Aid Counselor
Stephanie Etheridge portrait

Stephanie Etheridge

Loan Collections Counselor
Photo of Mirraca Merhundrew

Mirraca Merhundrew

Financial Aid Loan Counselor
Photo of Julie Snow

Julie Snow

Withdrawals Counselor
Photo of Benjamin Steen

Benjamin Steen

Financial Aid Counselor
Photo of Christine Tomlinson

Christine Tomlinson

Financial Aid Loan Counselor
Photo of Ethen Gillespie

Ethen Gillespie

Financial Aid Program Assistant
Photo of Katherine Newell

Katherine Newell

Administrative Assistant I
Photo of Sandra Williams

Sandra Williams

Accounting Assistant II
No image provided for Jequira Thompson

Jequira Thompson

Financial Literacy Graduate Assistant